True Freedom

Good morning, and Happy Independence Day to you and your loved ones.

When I began this Journal Blog it was specifically to share with others what God has done and is doing in my life and to hopefully encourage others as well.  

Here is yet another beautiful gift He has given me and I want you to have it too. I pray today that whatever you need most will find you! 

Today is an appropriate day to talk about freedom. We have the freedom to do some great things here in this Country. Freedom to start a business, go for a relaxing walk, begin a career of your choice, travel, adopt a pet, raise a family, go to your favorite restaurant, and so on.  But, even in doing all of these things, many are still not free in their mind.  They are not free to walk away from their physical or emotional challenges.  I fully understand this, so I hope this encourages someone to not give up hope. 

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up one morning feeling a bit of panic and somewhat blah.  A presence of dread and uncertainty fell in the room like a thick cloud. It lingered all day.  Although I knew exactly what was happening, these feelings can sometimes be over-empowering. So, I got my keys and drove to the park to take a  walk. The sky was a depressing gray.  As I  began to walk, it started to rain. I immediately walked back to my car and just sat there feeling frozen and sad.

I prayed. 

Now, three days before this, I had decided to stop taking a medication I’d been taking for the past 15 years. Hmm…no wonder, right?  But, I felt it was time and if I could overcome, it would be an answer to my prayer. I knew I wanted to keep walking with God and trust that He would be faithful to help me through the process.  So, I just went back home and continued to pray. I read some, took a shower, and rested.  

By the next morning, it was gone!  Since then, each day is getting better and better. I had to take God at His word and let Him work. Give Him room. I still do, every moment of every day. 

This is how we fight our battles. As we give God our trust, He shows us His faithfulness and our relationship with Him grows. Our faith, hope, love, and joy also grow and deepen. Which, is what gives us the strength to overcome.

Today, I’m grateful for yet another level of freedom in Christ! I had to let the wave of fear, doubt, anxiety, and dread either drag me back or push me forward and wait for God to answer.  Thankfully, He carried me through.

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Ya see, these are miracles!  May your life be covered in His love so that you can experience true freedom! 

7 thoughts on “True Freedom

  1. Mike

    I’m living proof of God’s might power in your life. To God’ be the glory and praise. Love you babe , keep doing what your doing..❤️❤️Mike

    Liked by 2 people

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