Hello, welcome
to my blog!

I invite you to join me
on my journaling journey,
which has impacted my
prayer life tremendously.
I pray you will receive the
same encouragement that
I have in “being still”
with Him.

Where does God live?

Good morning! Undoubtedly there are many studies surrounding this topic. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on it, a simple analogy you could say.  This morning I was praying and I asked God to forgive me for not caring enough about my body, which is His temple.  “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit …” …

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Which plan should I trust?

From a grateful heart today and everyday! I am writing this post on my laptop while sitting in front of my piano keyboard trying to play along with some instructions from an online course. Suddenly, I am realizing that NOTHING happens without the Holy Spirit’s help and leading. I can assure you that there is …

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Tests Lead to Joyful Progress

Hello friends,  I recently read a story about how in ancient wars the enemy would, at times, shoot flaming arrows at the surrounding areas to set them on fire.  The arrows were not meant to kill but to DISTRACT.   Similarly, this is what happens to us as Believers in our walk.  Once distracted, an attack …

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