Hello, welcome
to my blog!

I invite you to join me
on my journaling journey,
which has impacted my
prayer life tremendously.
I pray you will receive the
same encouragement that
I have in “being still”
with Him.

WHEN you fast…

Hello, Happy Friday! …it’s getting warmer. 😀 It’s been a real snowy winter so far, hasn’t it? I love the snow, but not in the city. It’s  way too messy. I would like to share a story. It’s a little long, so I hope you can grab a few extra moments to read it.    I’ve always …

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Danny, the ER Nurse.

To begin with, my husband and I would like to thank you all for your prayers and best wishes.  Mike is here at home still recovering from a pneumonia and I wanted to write about the love and care we received during this past week’s scare.   He sees every moment of our beating hearts.  He …

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The Beauty of God is Around us

Hi! Thank you for stopping by and taking a few moments to read my Journal. I do pray that hearts who have visited this past year have been uplifted trough my posts. I am very grateful for all of you. This is Louie.  He’s not with us any longer. His time here on earth came …

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