Hello, welcome
to my blog!

I invite you to join me
on my journaling journey,
which has impacted my
prayer life tremendously.
I pray you will receive the
same encouragement that
I have in “being still”
with Him.

Believe it or not…

Good morning and Happy New Year ☃️ As the snow falls and covers all things, my prayer today is that all things fresh and new will cover every person dear to me this year.  Not just to the loved ones in my life but to all people!  May all sicknesses and sadnesses be covered and …

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Portia’s Smile

I’m sitting in my car by the bay (Hudson Bay). What a difference when it’s warm and windy as opposed to when it’s freezing and windy!  I would love to be out there right now but there’s no way these bones would tolerate the cold!  Yet, it doesn’t stop me from getting my iced espresso …

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A Tap on The Shoulder

Here’s a quick testimony. I was walking around TJ MAXX the other day looking for some Christmas gifts for my family. As I was walking I ran over a shirt that was on the floor. The moment I rolled my cart over it I knew I had to turn around and pick it up. So, …

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