Weeds In The Garden

While sitting on my back porch one afternoon writing in my journal, I noticed that the grass was way out of control, but this was my husband’s baby. I do not mow the grass.  I also looked at two areas that by now could and should have had flowers growing, but that too was overgrown with grass. A few minutes later, I found myself pulling out tall grass blades and weeds. I love the way God teaches us things. 

That is when I heard the Holy Spirit saying, “This is what I am doing in you, Jackie. I’m pulling out all the weeds in your heart and making room for beautiful fragrant flowers.” I began to weep as I continued to pull the weeds but now with a completely new perspective. I became aware of the weeds of past pains, pride, and many others that were still in my heart. I also came to understand that God really cannot do a new thing in us until the old wineskins are replaced with new ones! (Mark 2:22)

“As you wholeheartedly yield to God, He will show you the weeds that must be pulled out.”

The most beautiful part of it all is that as God pulls out the weeds from our hearts and lays the new soil, He begins to plant beautiful flowers of strength and peace! We then become a sweet smelling garden unto Him.  

So, after weeping and surrendering all the weeds in my heart to God, I felt encouraged and empowered by the Holy Spirit and realized that the garden of my heart was being filled with new flowers of hope and joy. I also heard Him say, “I will be the One to show you the weeds in your heart, but YOU have to be the one to allow me to pull them out.”  “Allowing” requires that we first recognize what the weeds are and then surrender them to God in repentance.  And then finally He whispered, “Repent, and let us move forward. Do not linger on that weed anymore. Just keep submitting it to Me.” 

“If we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)

How great is our God of Mercy.  He is a loving Father who longs to cleanse us (remove the weeds from our hearts) each and every day.  Trust Him.  He’s Awesome and is our very best Friend!

3 thoughts on “Weeds In The Garden

  1. Mike

    I’m so blessed to have you for my wife. I always knew GOD would bring out your gift. I pray that he will use your encouraging words to bless other women and men as you continue to listen to his still small voice. Congratulations from your biggest fan . Your Husband and best friend. Mike ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Mike Vilardo

      You are the greatest gift in my life babe! We’ve walked through so much life together. We were young and foolish but then Jesus took us both by the hand and began to guide our path. There is no coincidences with God and we both know that. So…. it’s been and will continue to be a beautiful path with mountains and valleys as it’s has been. But we have a wonderful destiny and I pray that many will find the peace and joy we have.

      Love you, Babe. All of my heart
      Jackie 💞💞💞

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  2. jomari65

    Jackie! our biggest conversations have been about weeds in our hearts. How Jesus had to perform surgery to remove the weeds and thorns that have grown in our hearts when we were younger. How that hurt as baby Christians! BUT God is good. So grateful for our friendship. You and Mike are such a blessing to Joe and I. Love this devotional! Keep sharing your nuggets of love!

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