The Sixth Graders

Today was fun sitting here at the school with our Sixth Graders.  They are great kids with big hearts.  My prayer is that they will shine very bright, all of their lives, as they follow God’s perfect plan for their lives. 

This little story is dedicated to them, as promised!

Being here today in Ms. L’s classroom, reminded me of a story I wrote last year about how I met Ms. L over 20 years ago. So, I decided to read it to the class since we had some free time after they did their work.   

Then we talked about my age 😀. 

They were all so kind in trying to guess at it. I liked the one that said 39 (I’m now 59). We also talked about how I met Ms. Maria, who also helps here at the school. The kids always mix us up and think we are sisters. Well we are sisters, in Christ!

I shared with them how we are all praying for them and rooting them on. I also told them that they are part of a generation that has many more challenges than our generation had and that without God, it will be impossible to know the right direction in life. We discussed how important it will be to stay in the Word of God and with others who love God. I also told them how perfectly God has been directing my life and how He wants to do the same for each one of them as well.

Tomorrow is the Science Fair at the school and they had some very interesting projects planned.  

Ms. L is certainly blessed! They said to me, “We love Ms. L!”  What a legacy she is leaving!

I believe teachers deserve so much more than what they are credited for, but we know that God has all of the rewards waiting for them one day. Here, they can rejoice in knowing they are making a difference in the lives of each child they teach. But, just as a seed takes time to grow, so it goes for the children who must grow and learn. One day, they will understand the love most teachers have for their students.  

We should all take time to thank teachers for the sacrifices they make🍎

Oh, by the way, hey Sixth Graders, great job with those Science projects!!🧬🔬🧪

I pray Blessings over all kids, everywhere!

Amen 🙏🏻

7 thoughts on “The Sixth Graders

  1. Jacqueline+Vilardo

    Well God bless you!!! You guys are the best and I pray you will be a great blessing to your peers as you continue to grow and learn. 💛💛💛

    Your posts are great. ☀️☀️☀️


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